Our Business Analysts act as the communication bridge between development teams and your business stakeholders. They engage with stakeholders to understand and respond to their needs in rapidly changing business environments. 

Our Business Analysts will ask stakeholders challenging questions to ensure positive return on investment is achieved from all of your technology projects. They will save your organization from unclear objectives, unmanaged expectations, and unrealistic business cases that lead to missed deadlines, failure to stay within scope, and going over budget.

Our Business Analysts take on the following responsibilities to bring each and every project to successful completion:

Discover, Analyze, and Document Business Objectives Including Data, Goals, and Process
  • Work with Data Analysts to develop and document a logical data model
  • Analyze and document required data and information
  • Evaluate information harvested through surveys and workshops, task analysis, and business process description
  • Aid stakeholders in developing their strategic goals
  • Define and document current and would-be business processes
Translate Business Requirements into System/Functional Requirements and Effectively Communicate Requirements to Development Teams
  • Gain a full understanding of the needs of the customer and develop requirements for solutions that fit those business needs
  • Ensure that recommended solutions are both commercial and competitive
  • Understand technical designs and specifications
  • Effectively communicate with various teams to deliver GUI, interface, and screen designs

Your company’s hardware is integral for your employee’s continuous productivity. If your hardware is antiquated, it will hinder the overall efficiency of your organization. We will review all desktops, laptops, printers, and servers and provide recommendations for necessary upgrades.

Your networking hardware is as important, or even more important, to the speed with which your employees can accomplish their goals. Older network equipment can lead to errors, packet loss, and conflicts that slow down the pace of your business. We will analyze your firewalls, switches, and routers to verify they are functioning at optimal performance. If they are not, we will provide recommendations for improvement. 


We will evaluate your existing software to confirm it was all obtained legally and all licenses are current. If it is not, we will provide you with a plan to rectify the situation so as to avoid the associated penalties for non-compliance.


Proper security measures are the key to keeping your data safe. During our review, we will provide recommendations to close any holes in your security processes and work with you to create a safe environment for all of your business critical data. This can include security training for all employees, heightened encryption measures, enhanced password complexity, and upgraded antivirus protection.

Proper backup processes go hand-in-hand with your other security measures. We will work with you to make sure you have a disaster recovery plan that will keep business continuity in the event of something as small as an electrical outage to something as big as a natural disaster. We will confirm that you have adequate backup procedures, redundant systems, and recovery methods in place.

Our certified network engineers are ready to assist you in the following areas:

Network Audits

Whether you are building a new office network, looking to expand, or just looking to save money, we will do a complete audit of your current networking needs and provide you with recommendations that are in line with your needs and budget. As a brand agnostic company, we have no doubt that we can provide you with the right solution at the right price.

Security Compliance Assistance

If you don’t have the internal expertise necessary to comply with regulations and standards such as ISO 27002, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and others, we will assist you in identifying compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities.

Network Security

Securing your business’ assets is a top priority. With mobile devices, social networks, cloud-based applications, email-borne viruses, etc., threatening your network at every turn, you need someone on your side to make sure your network is secured. We will audit your network for areas that have been unwittingly left open to threats and work with you to shore them up.

Our certified Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants are ready to assist you with anything and everything Salesforce from new implementations to day-to-day administration to ongoing improvement projects. 


We have a tried and true 5 step method to implement Salesforce.com for your organization.

Step 1: Review current business processes and systems that you want to incorporate into your Salesforce.com CRM.
Step 2: Explain platform best practices and provide recommendations to make Salesforce.com work the best for you.
Step 3: Complete a more in-depth discovery of what you want the end product to look like (i.e. fields required by object, where fields need to show on the page, data validation required, workflow processes, list views, reports, dashboards, etc.).
Step 4: Provide an estimated number of hours to complete each area of work so you can decide your priorities to keep in the scope of work for Phase I based on your budget.
Step 5: Build-out your Salesforce.com organization.

Day-to-Day Administration:

We act as your administrators for Salesforce to handle all of your everyday tasks including:

  • User Setup/Terminations
  • Building Views/Reports/Dashboards
  • Creating Custom Fields and Custom Objects
  • Creating and Updating Page Layouts/Record Types
  • Running Data Loads
  • And much more
Improvement Projects:

We understand that businesses are always evolving and your technology has to evolve with you. We are here to assist with any additional Salesforce.com projects that are necessary to keep your CRM aligned with your changing business processes.

In a complex world, on-boarding new employees and managing training for current ones doesn’t need to be a full time job. With the right Learning Management System, or LMS a lot of the work is done for you with clever automation and workflows.

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Computerized maintenance management system, also known as computerized maintenance management information system, is a software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations. 

Schedule PMs, process Work Order Requests, our CMMS is web-based, mobile friendly and affordable.

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