Implement CPQ For Salesforce with Medric Networks

Is your current Quoting process costing your company money? Many companies lose revenue during the Quoting process, sometimes without realizing it. Some of these areas are:

  • Time and money to train your sales staff on all of your product features, options, bundles, and other rules for selling.
  • Time spent by sales management to review and approve each quote, proposal, and contract to confirm it is following your company rules.
  • Time spent by your contracting team to draft individual contracts.
  • Missed revenue because there is no easy way to find products with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Missed revenue from inconsistent discounting and product pricing.

Time is money and CPQ can help your organization save both.

  • The product configurator and guided selling provide your sales staff with an easy-to-follow process for every quote.
  • By enforcing your rules, CPQ eliminates the need for constant review by sales management.
  • Standard contract templates save your contracting team time.
  • Guided selling keeps your sales staff from missing up-sell and cross-sells opportunities.

Consistent discounting and product pricing based on the rules in the product configurator eliminate lost revenue.

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